The Structure

Structure of the association:


The Association has a three-tier system of administration as follows:

  • The National Delegated Conference
  • National Executive Council
  • The Secretariat



The National Delegates Conference is the supreme decisions-making body of the Association. It consists of five (5) delegates from each District Assembly (one of whom shall be a woman for Affirmative Action) and the members of the National Executive Council. The National Delegates Conference is held biennially. It is the organ that sets the broad policy agenda of the Association for implementation by the National Executive Council and the Secretariat. .                                                                                                                  

The National Executive Council (NEC) is the governing body of the Association and is elected at a National Delegates Conference (thus the NEC has a mandate for 2years). The NEC has 17 members. They are: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, National Treasurer, two (2) Trustees, and ten (10) Regional Representatives each representing each representing the District Assemblies in the ten administrative regions of Ghana, a representative of the women elected by the women’s caucus of the National Delegates Conference, and the Council may invite any member of the immediate past Council to its meetings.


The Secretariat is the administrative organ of the Association. It is headed by a General Secretary appointed by the National Executive Council, who is the secretary to the NEC.

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