Consultant to LGA Partner

Terms of Reference 

Title: 1321.1 Develop comprehensive guide for women candidates for local level elections in Ghana.
Project: Partnerships for Municipal Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL)

Purpose of assignment:

Develop a user friendly guide for women contesting the district assembly elections in Ghana.
Position: Consultant to LGA Partner
Number of Positions 1
Language English with translation to local languages as applicable

Reporting to:

Commensurate to Local Rates for Assignment and Expertise

National Project Coordinator, PMI-WILL project



The Partnership for Local Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL) is  project sponsored Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the FCM  in five countries— Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Zambia— to enhance the enjoyment of rights for women and girls by empowering women to participate in leadership and decision-making at community level and by increasing local governments’ ability to deliver municipal services that meet the needs of women and girls, especially those from marginalized groups. Specifically, its two intermediate outcomes are: increased participation by women in these five countries, particularly those from marginalized groups, as leaders and decision-makers in local governance; and increased effectiveness of local governments in targeted countries in delivering inclusive gender-responsive public services.

To achieve these outcomes, FCM will engage with a network of stakeholders in each country and benefit from the contributions of Canadian municipal experts. Key interlocutors in each country will include local governments (LGs), Local Government Associations (LGAs), civil society organizations (CSOs) that work directly on women’s needs, political parties, and national authorities including ministries responsible for local government and women’s issues, and local government training institutes. Through Memorandums of Understanding, sub-agreements and contracts, FCM will implement the project in collaboration with LGAs, Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs), and other local service providers.


The objective of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive user-friendly guide (manual) for women candidates contesting for the office of an assembly member through the local level election in Ghana.


  • Location: The assignment will be conducted in Ghana
  • Management: The consultant(s) will report to NALAG and PMI-WILL team.


The main deliverables of the assignment include the following:

  • Inception meeting and signing of contract
  • Engage the relevant stakeholders and institutions whose activities have bearing on local level elections
  • Develop a workable step-by-step guide for women candidates in local elections in Ghana.
  • Share report for review by team of experts for their comments
  • Submit a final report


The following parameters should be considered in the applicant’s proposal:

  • Payment: This will be paid upon the delivery of deliverables
  • Management: The consultant will report to the NALAG and PMI-WILL team within FCM.


  • Master’s Degree in gender studies and/or social/humanitarian studies
  • 5 years’ experience in facilitating training and capacity building sessions in the areas of gender equality, gender mainstreaming and local governance.
  • Understanding of the local government sector in Ghana highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills, in English.


The consultant is to deliver assignment within 2 months from starting date of contract

Financial requirements

Include maximum daily rate for consideration (Negotiation)

Please note that the logistical costs of travel, workshops and meetings required do not need to be costed as they will be arranged by NALAG.


This assignment is suited for individuals or team of consultants who demonstrate the following experience and expertise:

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting research related to local governments and local governance issues.
  • Understand the issues and dynamics of local-level elections in Ghana.
  • Knowledgeable in  gender equality and inclusion within the context of governance/ government agencies
  • Understanding of and commitment to gender equality, gender mainstreaming and intersectionality in local governments.
  • Understanding of diversity & inclusion language and trends.
  • Able to review and analyze documents in English

Application process

Please submit a costed proposal (no more than 3 pages excluding CVs) indicating the consultant’s previous relevant experience, the approach that will be used for the assignment, a work plan, the level of effort and daily rate and list of people who will work on the assignment (if you are team) with their CVs.

Deadline for applications

 The Application should be delivered to the General Secretary via the National Project Coordinator (NPC), NALAG HOUSE, SOUTH LEGON, ACCRA in a sealed envelope or emailed to NALAG’s email address not later than 15th February, 2023 at the close of business.