Calls For Proposals: Consultant to LGA Partner (Develop Gender Sensitive Communication Strategy)



Title: Develop a gender sensitive communication strategy for both internal and external stakeholders of NALAG.
Project: Partnerships for Municipal Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL)
Purpose of assignment: To develop a Communications strategy to support the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) deliver gender responsive messages that are consistent, coordinated, and targeted to achieve specified goals to enable NALAG deliver on its core mandate.
Position: Consultant to LGA Partner
Number of Positions 1 consultant
Language English
Period/Duration: 2 Weeks
Level of Effort:Financial: A maximum of 10 working daysCommensurate to Local Rates for Assignment and Expertise
Reporting to: The General Secretary through the National Project Coordinator, PMI-WILL project

The Partnership for Local Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL) is a six years Programme aimed at enhancing the enjoyment of rights of women and girls from a marginalized (groups) communities by empowering women to participate in leadership and decision-making at community level and by increasing local governments’ ability to deliver municipal services. The project is financed by from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) The project works in five countries— Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Zambia. To achieve these outcomes, FCM will engage with a network of stakeholders in each country and benefit from the contributions of Canadian municipal experts. Key interlocutors in each country will include local governments (LGs), Local Government Associations (LGAs), civil society organizations (CSOs) that work directly on women’s needs, political parties, and national authorities including ministries responsible for local government and women’s issues, and local government training institutes. Through Memorandums of Understanding, sub-agreements and contracts, FCM will implement the project in collaboration with LGAs, Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs), and other local service providers.


Outcome 2200 – of the project seeks to Increase the capacity of local government associations (LGAs) to create the enabling environment for inclusive, gender-responsive local governance and municipal service delivery. To achieve these objectives, a comprehensive institutional assessment of NALAG was done to identify the operational gaps in the performance of its mandate. Lack of effective communication and engagement with its internal and external publics was among other key challenges affecting the smooth operation of the association.

Based on the gaps identified from the self-assessment, there was a recommendation to develop communication /public relations strategy for NALAG. NALAG as an association engages and collaborates with many and different organizations both local and international and as such a there is the need for a well-planned communication strategy to enhance its mandate.

The main objective of this activity is therefore to develop a gender sensitive and responsive communication strategy for NALAG, and facilitate a one-day training to support NALAG staff members to develop their knowledge and skills of the strategy to help them function and implement the document effectively.  To achieve this NALAG will engage the services of a communication consultant to develop a communication strategy that is gender sensitive and facilitate a one day staff of NALAG on the importance of the strategy and how it could be used effectively.


The Consultant will be required to do the following:

  1. Needs AssessmentConduct assessment of NALAGs current communication strategy, systems and resources
  2. Develop a comprehensive communication strategy that promotes gender and social equality for NALAG as an institution.
  3. Facilitate training workshop for staff of NALAG on the communication strategy develop
  4. D. carry out a pre-training and post training evaluation report based on training provided
  5. E. Issue a training report of the training program.

The selected consultant will be responsible for the following:

No. Deliverables
1. Develop a gender and social responsive communication strategy for both internal and external stakeholders of NALAG.
2. Develop a suitable communication channels and tools for various stakeholders, both online and traditional media.
3. Define key messages and core themes to convey NALAG’s mission and values effectively.
4. Create a detailed timeline for the implementation of the strategy, including deadlines for specific activities and campaigns.
5 Provide training and capacity building workshop for staff based on the communication strategy and produce a report.
  Total 10 Days
  • The following parameters should be considered in the applicant’s proposal:
  • Payment: This will be paid based on the ratio 30% at inception and signing of contract, 30% upon submission of draft report after the training session and the final 40% upon complete execution of the deliverables.
  • Level of effort: 10 days
  • Number of days: 2 months
  • Management: The consultant will report to the General Secretary of NALAG through the NPC and the NALAG and PMI-WILL team within FCM.

Include maximum daily rate for consideration (Negotiation)

Please note that the logistical costs of travel, workshops, and meetings required do not need to be costed as they will be arranged by the NALAG.


Please submit a costed proposal (no more than 5 pages excluding CVs) indicating the consultant’s previous relevant experience, the approach that will be used for the assignment, a work plan, the level of effort and daily rate and list of people who will work on the assignment (if you are team) with their CVs.

Mode of Submission

All applicants should submit their CV, Certificates and Cover Letters to THE GENERAL SECRETARY, NALAG Secretariat, Nalag House-Gulf Street, South Legon ACCRA or via, For any further information please contact the National Project Coordinator on 0550509040.

  1. Graduate or Postgraduate in Communications/ Public relations/ Journalism/ English / International Development studies or other relevant subject.
  2. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in communications strategy development(essential).
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Good all-round knowledge of a broad range of communications: marketing, online advertising, digital media, social, print and broadcast Media.
  5. Previous experience in developing and facilitating training for organization staff on the company’s communication strategy.
  6. Knowledge and experience with Ghana’s local governance system and the functions of LGAs.
  7. Understanding of and experience with incorporating gender responsive and transformative concepts into communication work.

Deadline for applications is by Friday, 17th Nov, 2023

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