The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has signed a contribution agreement with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for a six-year project entitled Partnerships for Municipal Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL) Project. PMI-WILL intends to contribute to improved quality of life for women and girls, in particular those from marginalized groups, in Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Zambia. The project will use a two-pronged approach to achieve this goal:

  1. Increasing the participation and enhancing the role of women as leaders and decision-makers in local governance.
  2. Increasing the effectiveness of local governments in delivering inclusive, gender-responsive public services.

FCM is implementing the project in collaboration with the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG), selected Local Governments (Districts Municipal Metropolitan Assemblies) and other selected partners, including relevant Ministries, CSOs and women’s rights organizations.

Research shows that the underrepresentation of women as Senior Administrators in local government diminishes the capacity of LGs to perform effectively and to deliver inclusive, gender-responsive services. Local Governments have significant impact on the quality of life of women and girls through the delivery of basic services such as water, sanitation, public health and community economic development and the protection of security and human rights. By being more inclusive and gender-responsive, LGs are better able to reach out to and serve marginalized individuals and groups and to respond to the needs of women and girls as distinct from those of men and boys. Inclusive, gender-responsive local governance entails both the substantive representation of women and marginalized groups in decision-making and enhanced response to the specific needs of women and marginalized populations in the delivery of municipal services.

PMI-WILL seeks to address the attitudinal, structural and capacity issues that create barriers to women’s effective and equitable participation in local governance as council members, administrators and community members.


Purpose of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to conduct a national research study to identify key challenges facing Women Administrators in Local Government and make recommendations to FCM and NALAG that will respond to these challenges and help FCM and NALAG identify initiatives to develop an action plan.


Consultant(s) will be expected to conduct a desk review and interviews with local government stakeholders such as Ministries responsible for local government and gender equality/women’s affairs, institutions responsible for training local government officers, local government and public service commissions, unions and professional associations, networks, research institutions, media, and WROs.  Make recommendations and facilitate working sessions with key stakeholders to develop an action plan to address the priority concerns of the women administrators.

Anticipated level of effort for this work is 30 days, to be completed by 15th  March, 2022.


The consultant is expected to produce a report that includes:

  • A clearly defined methodology indicating sample size, tools for data collection and analysis
  • An in-depth literature review from policy documents/ organizational policies/ research papers/ project reports that summarizes key challenges facing women administrators in local government
  • A survey conducted with key stakeholders (ministries, local government training institutions, local government workers (men/women) to identify the causes of challenges faced by women administrators
  • Validation workshop organized in collaboration with NALAG for key stakeholders in local government in Ghana
  • Consultation with key stakeholders and NALAG to develop an action plan

Management Parameters

The following parameters should be considered in the applicant’s proposal:

  • Duration: The assignment duration is from 1st February, 2022 to 15th March, 2022.
  • Location: The assignment will be conducted in Ghana
  • Management: The consultant(s) will report to NALAG and PMI-WILL team within FCM.


This assignment is suited for individuals or team of consultants who demonstrate the following experience and expertise:

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting research related to local governments and local governance issues
  • Knowledgeable of gender equality and inclusion within the context of governance/ government agencies/
  • Understanding of and commitment to gender equality, gender mainstreaming and intersectionality in local governments.
  • Understanding of diversity & inclusion language and trends.
  • Able to review and analyze documents in English

Application process

Please submit a costed proposal (no more than 2 pages) indicating the level of effort, methodology, a work plan, daily rate and list of people who would work on the assignment (if you are team) with their CVs.


All applications must be submitted to the





or via ,  by 26th January, 2022

For any further information please contact the National Project Coordinator on 0550509040.

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