CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Project Management and M&E Trainer

Terms of Reference

Title: Project Management and M&E Trainer
Project: Partnership for Municipal Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL)
Purpose of assignment: Design and deliver a training module to build the capacity of selected local governments on project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting structure to guide the implementation of selected service initiatives in selected Local Government Municipalities.
Position:Number of Positions:


Consultant to Local Government Association1 team of consultants

English (interpretation to local language where required)

Period/Duration: 1 month (April/May 2024)
Level of Effort:Financial: Maximum of 10 working daysCommensurate to Local Rates for Assignment and Expertise
Reporting to:                                       National Project Coordinator, PMI-WILL project

The Partnership for Local Innovation – Women in Local Leadership (PMI-WILL) is a $27,610,160 project with a financial contribution of $26 million from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and $1,610,160 of in-kind contributions from FCM. The project aims to improve the quality of life of women and girls in five countries: Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Zambia. It has two intermediate outcomes: increased participation by women in these five countries, particularly those from marginalized groups, as leaders and decision-makers in local governance; and increased effectiveness of local governments in targeted countries in delivering inclusive gender-responsive public services.

To achieve these outcomes, FCM will engage with a network of stakeholders in each country and benefit from the contributions of Canadian municipal experts. Key interlocutors in each country will include: local governments, Local Government Associations (LGAs), civil society organizations that work directly on women’s needs, political parties, and national authorities including ministries responsible for local government and women’s issues, and local government training institutes. Through Memorandums of Understanding, sub-agreements and contracts, FCM will implement the project in collaboration with LGAs, Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs), and other local service providers.

A Subsidiary Agreement to FCM’s Master Agreement with GAC for the implementation of PMI-WILL was signed on March 30, 2021.


Under Outcome 2100, the project works with selected Local Governments (LGs) to build capacity in delivering gender responsive, inclusive municipal services. Training on inclusive, gender responsive service delivery and community engagement was delivered for selected LGs on the PMI-WILL project in Quarter 1. In addition, a workshop on proposal writing and budget development was organized to reinforce proposal-writing skills by providing a practical opportunity for LGs to prepare a proposal for funding a selected service initiative from PMI-WILL. To enable selected LG to have a clear direction and understanding of best practices for implementation of gender responsive and inclusive municipal services initiatives, a workshop on project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting structure will be conducted to prepare LGs to implement their service initiatives in Years 4 and 5 of the PMI-WILL project. As such, the objective of this consultancy is to train staff of local government assemblies and community stakeholders in Ghana, who form the working group on the project, under Activity 2144 in project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting concepts through a gender and social inclusion lens to enable them successfully to implement their initiatives.


The Consultant will:

  • Develop clear, concise training materials that explain various aspects of project planning and management, including but not limited to:
    • Project cycle,
    • Project Break Down Structure (WBS),
    • Developing a work plan,
    • Gantt Chart,
    • Stakeholder engagement
  • Develop training modules and deliver in-person training on monitoring and evaluation, and reporting in line with PMI-WILL processes and practices to support clear instructions on how to apply the information in the implementation of service initiatives in local government municipalities.
  • Create and distribute pre-training and post training assessments to gauge participant understanding of the material presented.
  • In line with PMI-WILL project objectives, ensure training materials and training approach is gender responsive and inclusive.
  • Draft and finalize training report (inclusive of recommendations for supporting local governments’ implementation of service initiatives)
  • Support local governments’ finalization of service initiative implementation document.
  • Provide a training report that includes recommendations on the appropriate next steps to support LGs in the implementation of their service initiatives.

The main deliverables are:

  • Produce training module on “gendered and inclusive approach to project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting”, with training materials and reference documents included and lead participant in project planning and implementation sessions.
  • Delivery of at least 3 training sessions for 5 selected local governments on a gendered and inclusive approach to project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting
  • Support to local governments in preparing for their service initiatives implementation.
  • Final training report (including pre and post training evaluations).
No. TASKS LOE (days)
1. Inception Meeting with Inclusive Local Government Advisor 0.5 days
2. Develop training material for sessions 2 days
3. Implementation of training modules to all 5 Local governments with all relevant training presentations and sessions 3 days
4. Check in sessions to adjust training based on trainings 1 day
5. Final training report, pre-post training evaluations including recommendations (review period included) 2 days
6. Support provided from Canadian municipal volunteers, as needed, to local consultants in their implementation of project management material 1 day
7. Debrief meeting with Inclusive Local Government Advisor 0.5 days
  Total: 10 days maximum
  • Master’s Degree or higher education qualification in Project Management/Monitoring &Evaluation, Development Studies, Community Development Management, or any related discipline.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience, working in project management, monitoring and evaluation, community development and stakeholder inclusion.
  • Experience in building capacities of diverse groups using adult teaching and participatory methods.
  • Experience in working with local governments/assemblies and local government associations.
  • Experience on developing gender and social inclusion training models is a plus.

The FCM consultant will report directly to the Sheriff Armah, National Project Coordinator. Additional activities not mentioned in the TOR, will require the prior approval of Keita Rose-Tahiru, Inclusive Local Government Advisor, PMI-WILL.


Application process

Please submit a costed proposal (no more than 5 pages excluding CVs) indicating the consultant’s previous relevant experience, the approach that will be used for the assignment, a work plan, the level of effort and daily rate and list of people who will work on the assignment (if you are team) with their CVs.

Please note that the logistical costs of any workshops or meetings required do not need to be costed.

Deadline for applications is May 7th, 2024.

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