National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG)


Who is the CLGF?

CLGF works to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth and to encourage the exchange of best practice – through conferences and events, technical assistance projects and research.

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Who is the UCLG-A?

The UCLG AFRICA is the umbrella organization and the united voice and representative of local government in Africa. It results from the unification of the three pre-existing continental groupings of local governments,namely the African Union of Local Authorities (AULA), the Union des Villes Africaines (UVA) and the Africa Chapter of the Unao dos Ciudades y Capitaes Lusofono Africana, (UCCL AFRICA).It is an institution that gathers 40 national associations of local governments from all regions of Africa as well as the 2000 cities that have more than 100.000 inhabitants. Therefore UCLG AFRICA represents nearly 350 million Africans citizens.

UCLG AFRICA is a founding member of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) world organization, and its regional section for Africa. UCLG AFRICA is currently headquartered in the City of Rabat, The Kingdom of Morocco, where it enjoys a diplomatic status as a Pan-African International Organisation.

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Who is the UCLG?

United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) represents and defends the interests of local governments on the world stage, regardless of the size of the communities they serve. Headquartered in Barcelona, UCLG’s work programme focuses on:

- Increasing the role and influence of local government and its representative organisations in global governance;
- Becoming the main source of support for democratic, effective, innovative local government close to the citizen;
- Ensuring an effective and democratic global organisation.

United Cities and Local Governments supports international cooperation between cities and their associations, and facilitates programmes, networks and partnerships to build the capacities of local governments. The organization promotes the role of women in local decision-making, and is a gateway to relevant information on local government across the world.

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